Metallic Ink

Metallic ink printing is a beautiful way to highlight all the important elements of your printing project like logos, messages, or titles. Metallic ink contains small reflective particles of metals like bronze, copper, or aluminum, giving the printed product a lustrous quality. When the ink dries, light is reflected off these particles creating a metallic sheen. These particles can even come in different colors, giving your printing project a unique identity. Add a touch of elegance to your business cards, invitations, letterheads, folders, business reports, and more using metallic printing.

Ways to Incorporate Metallic Ink in Your Printing Project:

  • Highlight logos, key elements, or names on your business cards, certificates, letterheads, and other office stationery.
  • Use metallic ink for seals and insignia on certificates, invitations, or other important documents.
  • Draw attention to variable data elements using this ink.
  • Make lettering on your presentation folders stand out.
  • Highlight patterns and create unique designs.
  • Add elegance and luxury to your invitations.

Staten Island Printing offers printing with metallic ink. Our aim is to make the printing experience for our clients as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Our highly trained and experienced staff is always available to solve any of your printing-related queries. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your printing project meets the highest standards. We offer next-day printing solutions for our clients in Florida City, along with next-day store pickup for clients from Long Island and Orlando.

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Metallic inks not only look great but also help elevate your marketing materials to the next level by breaking convention. The focus of attention is often on the piece’s layout and colors, while the usage of ink is occasionally overlooked. Metallic inks produce a gleaming, glossy finish that makes your full-color postcard, business card, catalog, or brochure stand out from the crowd.

Considerations When Using Metallic Inks:

  • Do your research – Not every printer is familiar with metallic inks. Before you give a printer a metallic work, ask to examine samples of previous metallic projects the business has completed.
  • Be proactive – Early in the process, show your design to the printer. If either of you is concerned about how the metallic hues will appear, a small press proof—the gold standard insurance policy for attaining the effect you want—might be worth negotiating.
  • The importance of being coated cannot be overstated. Print on a coated sheet if you want maximum shine—the glossier, the better. Ink holdout is higher on coated stocks, meaning less ink is absorbed into the paper fibers. Instead, it sits above the paper, where it can work up a substantial sheen.
  • Protect your item – Because metallics are made up of metal particles, they’re prone to flaking and chalking, so a protective aqueous coating will keep things in place.

If you’re considering using metallic ink on your next print project, check with our team first to be sure your design will work with this sort of ink before proceeding. You could also request to see samples of our projects created with metallic ink.

It’s best if you can be as specific as possible. Metallic ink, for example, looks substantially different on a coated sheet than it does on an uncoated sheet. If the piece will be handled frequently, you should inquire about the use of a protective aqueous coating. To create the most reflective look, it’s common practice to print metallic ink on a coated sheet—the glossier, the better. Because less ink is absorbed into the paper, the ink is allowed to sit on top of the sheet. It will be more difficult to get the high shine appearance when printing on a matte or uncoated sheet. Using a coated sheet may be the best option for your project, depending on your concept.