Understanding Foil Stamping

What is foil stamping? Nothing exudes sophistication quite like foil stamping. Sometimes referred to as hot foil stamping, it utilizes heat and pressure to apply thin metallic foils onto print media such as paper, boards, or plastics. Often combined with embossing, this method imbues printed media with a unique three-dimensional effect, offering a shiny and distinctive appearance. This distinctive finish has garnered popularity across various industries.

Foil stamping is categorized as a dry printing method as it doesn't involve the use of ink. Instead of inks and traditional plates, special metal plates, heat, and foil are employed in the stamping process. The sculpted plates make contact with the surface, transferring the thin foil onto it. Upon heating, the foil adheres to the printing surface, resulting in a distinctive and elegant design.

Incorporating foil stamping into your printing project enhances its visibility and elevates your brand perception. It can be applied to various paper stocks and products, making it perfect for corporate reports, packaging, presentation folders, brochures, invitations, letterheads, greeting cards, and more.

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