Car Wrapping

Car wrapping for your business's sales, service, and repair vehicles is a highly effective method to spread your branding message. These wraps have consistently proven to be the most efficient form of advertising for businesses of all kinds. This type of advertising reaches more customers than most other forms year-round. Not only are vehicle wraps memorable, but they are also highly cost-effective as they do not have recurring costs, unlike other forms of outdoor advertisements. Vehicle vinyl wraps are an amazing way to capture attention when your vehicle drives down the road.

Vehicle vinyl wraps, unlike other forms of advertisements like radio ads, are non-aggressive and grab your audience’s attention without disturbances or distractions. Customers tend to respond better to an ad that doesn’t take an “in your face” approach. These vinyl wraps feature unique designs and beautiful imagery that make your vehicles eye-catching and communicate your message to a broad audience. Vehicle advertising is excellent if you are looking to target a local market. People around your business will see your vehicle wraps frequently, increasing the possibility of generating leads. Besides making your vehicle attractive, these wraps also provide an added layer of protection.

At Staten Island Printing, we offer full car, truck, and bus vinyl wrapping. Our highly experienced staff can complete the vehicle vinyl wrapping perfectly and without any hassles. Simply get in touch with us for any of your printing-related queries. We are always happy to help. We use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to offer high-quality vehicle vinyl wraps. Our specialty is printing club flyers, but we also provide a range of printing and related services like banner printing, sign printing, poster printing, business card printing, bunting, spot UV coating, lamination, graphic design support, and more. We offer wholesale prices on our printing products and provide next-day printing to clients from Staten Island. We also offer next-day store pickup for our customers from Manhattan and Brooklyn. Get in touch with us today for high-quality vehicle wraps.